1. Progression EP
    Mark Fanciulli

  2. Don't Waste Another Minute - Remix
    Terrence Parker (Feat. Merachka)

  3. No Judgment (Compuphonic Remix)
    Fabrice Lig

  4. Day Of Knowing (feat. Carlos Nilmmns)
    Niko Marks

  5. Artists & Models EP

  6. No Judgment (Remixes)
    Fabrice Lig (featuring Ann Saunderson)

  7. Poi Et Pas (ROD Remix)

  8. Throw/Reshape
    Paperclip People

  9. Carl Craig - Planet E Classics Collection

  10. Elements

  11. Floor
    Paperclip People

  12. Designer Music Remix Vol. 1
    Designer Music

  13. The Album Formerly Known As....
    Carl Craig

  14. Keys, Strings, Tambourines
    Kenny Larkin

  15. Drifting

  16. My Desire
    Vince Watson

  17. Crimen Excepta
    Reade Truth

  18. Angel Remixes
    Carl Craig

  19. Rebirth

  20. Art, Love & War
    Monty Luke

  21. Re-Scape/Reverse

  22. Aeonian EP

  23. Glob Remixes
    Kenny Larkin

  24. Loyal Opposition
    Urban Tribe

  25. Membrane
    Kirk Degiorgio

  26. Memories EP

  27. Nightlights
    The Oliverwho Factory

  28. The Kick Off pt 1
    Dimitri Kneppers

  29. Twenty F***ing Years Of Planet E
    Various Artists

  30. She Is Music pt 2

  31. Hurting
    Friendly Fires

  32. Modular Music Vol 2
    Various Artists

  33. The Secret Tapes of Dr. Eich - REMASTERED
    Paperclip People

  34. Bug In The Bassbin (Ben Vedren's Grasshopper Remix)
    Innerzone Orchestra

  35. Life On Planet E - Unmixed

  36. Throw (Slam RTM Remix)
    Paperclip People

  37. Achilles/Razor Burn
    Paul Woolford

  38. Can't Take It (PE 20 Remixes)
    Recloose featuring Dwele

  39. Full Clip (PE 20 Remix)
    Martin Buttrich

  40. Where Am I?
    Tribe featuring Joan Belgrave

  41. Jealousy
    Oliverwho Factory

  42. The Kick Off Pt. 2 (Orlando Voorn Remix)
    Dimitri Kneppers

  43. The Legendary Adventures Of A Filter King

  44. Another Place

  45. Futures Unfolding
    Monty Luke

  46. I Am Ready
    Ezana Harris

  47. Paperclip People - 4 My Peepz/Parking Garage Politics Remixes
    Paperclip People

  48. Altiplano

  49. Pa' Mi Gente

  50. Pixelgirl EP
    Lazy Fat People

  51. Rising Sun
    Sebastien San

  52. Stoned Autopilot
    Martin Buttrich

  53. Just Another Day - 2011 Remasters
    Carl Craig

  54. Programmed
    Innerzone Orchestra

  55. Modular Pursuits: Daphni Remixes
    No Boundaries

  56. Neurotic Behavior: PE 20 Remix

  57. Secret Of The Stars
    King Britt

  58. Someone Is Watching EP
    Erik Ericksson

  59. Through The Times
    Dimitri Kneppers & Giorgio Schultz


Planet E Communications Detroit, Michigan

The year was 1991; the machines decelerated, the structure coiled, and in teaching itself to breathe again, the known pushed outward in hopes of scaling curious scapes of both sound and space.

Planet E Communications is a means to complete creative independence from the major label industry, as well as a platform for organic expansion of the dance floor driven genre of techno music.
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